Read-O-Rama 2017

I just learned about Read-O-Rama today and because I’m a masochist I decided I’m going to try and participate and see if it helps me get some of my ARCs out of the way…so that I can request more ARCs…so that I can perpetually feel like I’m behind in my reading.

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Here are the rules for Read-O-Rama. I got them from Lin so you should too. For my 7th book I’ll probably try to do Baby Teeth, another ARC, but it will depend on how far I get in everything else. Most of these are between 300-400 pages, but I think Sharp is over 400. For #4, I picked Peter Pan simply because of its length.

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Full disclosure: I did already start The Red Word, but I’m only 10% so I’m gonna count it. I won’t read any more until tomorrow.

Are you participating in the read-o-rama?

  1. Read 7 books
  2. Pick a book that has the letters RAMA in the title/author: Our Kind of Cruelty
  3. Book with LGBT+ rep: Sharp
  4. Read one of the hosts choicePeter Pan
  5. New to you authorNight-Gaunts and Other Tales of Suspense 
  6. Book released in springThe Red Word 
  7. Borrowed bookThe Boy in the Black Suit 

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