Top 5 books I LOVED that others DIDN’T

Is there a worse feeling in the world than telling your friends about the most AMAZING book you just finished and hearing them reply that they hated it? Probably, but not one I can think of right now. This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to those books.

The Picture of Dorian Gray. I was LOVING this book and texted our book club leader to suggest it as a read, and she shot it down. I was all, “awww,” but then I was all, “whatever,” because we don’t always have the same taste in books. I totally get why so many people hate this book, but I loved it.

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We Need to Talk About Kevin. I don’t know if other people hate this, but it is long, and it’s very slow at times, and it’s very heavy subject matter – definitely not for everyone.

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The Gunslinger. Everyone says that this book, the first of a seven-book series, is really difficult to get through, but that wasn’t my experience.

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Crime and Punishment. For some reason, I really loved this when we read it in high school. Maybe I was trying to appear sophisticated? This led to me telling a bunch of people at college that I was so jealous their seminar reading included Anna Karenina because “I love Fyodor Dostoyevsky.” *facepalm* I should probably re-read this to see if I do actually like it.

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I’m not confused again, I know this is Les Miz, it just seemed a good gif for the book


I think I’ll probably stop at that. I’m pretty predictable. If you wanted to know what books I hated, that others loved, well then:

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 books I LOVED that others DIDN’T

  1. oh my gosh picture of dorian gray was my favorite book for a longggg time!!!!! lord henry was my role model, I was so in love with him. which is concerning xD

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