Top 5 tropes I’ve had enough of

Even more fun than tropes we like are the tropes we hate, am I right? Thankfully Bionic Bookworm always gives us a chance to rant on the things that drive us nuts. I wonder how many on this list are other people’s favorites…

1) Secretly in love with your best friend. UGH. Words cannot describe how much I hate this one. It can be done correctlybut a lot of times you just end up ruining a bunch of good experiences by being weird about everything.

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ExceptionsThe Gentelman’s Guide to Vice and VirtueShadow and Bone

2) MC as a martyr. Why does this seem to only really happen to female MCs? I guess we’ll never know. /sarcasm

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Exceptions: none cause SPOILERS


3) Love triangles. Again, this can be done well, but a lot of times it’s just waaaaay too much angst. We can get enough of that in an enemies-to-lovers or forbidden love trope, without the extra person.

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ExceptionHunger Games (two good guys with different things to offer the MC)

4) “You’re not like other girls.” You know, she shows up at a new school, and every guy in town is ready to drop his gf to get a look at this one who doesn’t pay attention in math class and drops her books in the hallways, and then every girl hates her so that all our MC’s validation comes from men who want to bang her. Spare me.

Image result for twilight mike gif
Exceptions: Again, probably none. I really, really hate this one. It’s usually a good cue for me to put down the book altogether.

5) Instalove. The classic horrible YA trope! No, you didn’t fall in love the first time you saw her. That was just sexual arousal. Have a conversation first.

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Exceptions: Smutty romance novels. Then, bring on the instalove all you want.

I think that’s enough ranting for today!


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